3D Printing Solutions

3D Printing

3D printing is a form of additive manufacturing process. It is an operation/ method of joining material in three dimensions; Layer-by-Layer to make an object from your 3D Model. The 3D model can be of any shape.

A 3D printer is a type of industrial robot.

3D printers are mainly used in manufacturing industry for making rapid prototypes. This helps them to streamline design cycle and reduces cost.

We have joined hands with MakerBot for providing 3D Printing Solutions to our valued customers.

MakerBot 3D Printer

MakerBot printers are World-class, High Quality, Printable and Printable 3D Printers. Complete 3D Printing Solutions through Desktop Printers are available as per the customer requirements. Now-a-days various organization related to Engineering design, Architecture, Animation, Medical science & Education institute have started using MakerBot 3D printer to for more visualization and Design the Product better than earlier.

Kadkomp offers different types of 3D printer as per the customer requirements;

MakerBot 3D Printer is available in various ranges based up on sizes and technical capabilities as:

  1. MakerBot® Replicator® 2x (experimental 3D Printer)P1
  2. MakerBot® Replicator® Mini (Compact 3D Printer)
  3. MakerBot® Replicator® (Desktop 3D Printer)
  4. MakerBot® Replicator® Z18 (3D Printer)


3D Printing Services


We provide 3D printing services using MakerBot Replicator. This printer can print using PLA material and accuracy is 15mi. The services can be used for:

o   Prototype creation

o   Showcase your product before actual erection and commissioning

o   Rent when you need. You need not buy costly 3D printer.

o   3D Printout can be used as pattern for mould making

o   Customized items of small quantity are cost-effective when you 3D print them e.g. gift articles, special occasion items, mementos, memories etc.


We also provide consumable items like:

  • Filament
  • Printer heads
  • Extruders
  • Printer assembly components

Please feel free to call on us for services on 3D Printing & Demo.