Consulting Services

Our Consulting business comprises of following services:

A.    Engineering Services
B.    PDM Implementation
C.    3D Printing Services

The services are detailed out in following paragraphs.




A. Engineering Services

Kadkomp since its inception is engaged in providing solution in the areas such as CAD & Engineering Services. It started as Service provider in 1989 using Autodesk Products & Plotting Services. Over the years it has provided various Services in 2D Drawing, Design, Customization, 3D modeling and Specialized documents like ISPL and so on. The team is capable of various technologies and domains to provide required solutions to the customers.


We offer various services to our customer such as:

  • Design of a discrete component:

o   Where the design is based on the customer specification and the integration of the component in an assembly is the responsibility of the customer
o   Design from a Concept: Where the customer has well defined concept of a design and would expect us to detail the concept for functional requirements
o   Design of a special purpose machine: Where the machine could be performing particular manufacturing task(s) or other operations like packaging.
o   Modification In the existing Design: Where the existing design requires a few changes for functional improvement


  • 3D modeling

We offer various services to our customer such as:

o   Part Modeling

o   A single component to be modelled as a solid model

o   Assembly Modeling: Involves Individual components as well as their assembly with various type of constraints of the assembly

o   Modifications in the existing Models :Where exiting model requires modifications for functional improvements


  • Detailing:

We offer various services to our customer such as:

o   Detailing from a 3D Model: Where 2D manufacturing drawings are generated within the modeling software

o   Detailing from 2D Assembly drawings: Where 2D manufacturing drawings for individual components are generated from 2D assembly drawings

o   Modifications in the existing drawings: Where existing drawings requires modifications for functional improvements


  • Welding Line Fixture Design Detailing

We offer services to our customer such as:

o   Welding Line Fixture Design: Where a concept explains welding spots, panel assembly clamping plan, panel loading- unloading diagram etc, Here a 3D solid model of the fixture is generated as a design

o   Welding Line Fixture Detailing: Where 2D manufacturing drawings are generated from 3D model of the fixture assembly

o   Modifications in the existing Welding line Fixture design: Where exiting design requires modifications for functional improvements

o   We have completed many indigenous Projects.


  • Material Handling Equipment & Heavy Engineering

We offer services to our customer such as:

o   Material Handling System Design & Detailing: We offer Services from 3D modeling to Manufacturing Drawings and to final visualization and Animation for understanding operation process. Product consists of Coal Handling, Wagon Tippler etc.

o   Heavy Engineering: We offer Services from 3D Modeling to Manufacturing Drawings for Sugar Industries and Boilers Turnkey Projects. It also consists of Modification of existing Plants for increasing Productivity.



B. PDM Implementation

PDM software is at the essence of a Design Office. The documents handled in a design office are drawings, process sheets, BOM sheets, various calculations and reports like pre and post processed of Engineering Analyses.

Handling these documents and the drawings is a mammoth task. Retrieving the right document at the right time within minimum time determines the effectiveness of design office.

PDM helps overcome all these problems and inculcates discipline to the Design Office, provided it is implemented properly. Our expertise are in implementing Autodesk Vault successfully for our customers.

Critical points in PDM Implementation:

  • Thorough understanding of the design process
  • Well defined product/ item numbering system
  • Unique definitions of the projects
  • Segmented standard library of the items
  • Easy accessibility to the server and the document vault
  • All comprehensive yet efficient Role based access policy


C. 3D Printing Services

3D Printing is a relatively new technology which has its roots in rapid prototyping concept. Earlier it was restricted to the field of creating physical prototypes and reverse engineering areas only. Today it finds its scope in the lower volume, precision manufacturing also.

There are several applications of 3D printing like:

  • Rapid prototyping
  • Presentation models
  • Pattern making
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Manufacturing of a discrete component
  • Toy making
  • Mementos/ Gift articles which are customized for an event/ company
  • Logo/ Name plate printing
  • We use very sophisticated 3D printer from MakerBot, a brand of Stratasys