Freshers to Crackers

An Aptitude test is the first hurdle that a ‘Fresher’ has to cross for an Employment Opportunity or Higher Education. Most of the freshers fail to crack this hurdle. To overcome this hurdle, we have developed the ‘Freshers to Crackers.’ It is one of its kind Test Series which is designed for a fresher to understand his/her Area of Strength and Area of Weakness also. It helps a fresher to prepare for a Job as well as Higher Education. It’s a dynamic process where a fresher can constantly judge his/her progress.

A Candidate pays fees and gets access to 5 test series. A candidate can appear from anywhere (provided that they have stable internet access). A candidate can pay through Credit/Debit Card or by cash also.

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CAD Training

In today’s competitive world skill development is the key factor while one has to build his/ her career. Kadkomp is specialized in providing Corporate & Individual Training in Autodesk Inventor & CATIA. Our course contents make students employ-able by providing soft-skills and hands-on project experiences. We at Kadkomp provide Placement Services for Fresh/ Experienced Candidates.


Computer-Aided Design is used in many fields .In Mechanical segment for designing; we can call it as Mechanical Design Automation (MDA) or Computer Aided Design (CAD). This is the process of “Digital-Prototyping”.
Digital Prototype consists of all those activities that essentially are part & parcel of manual prototyping. Digital Prototype must provide facilities like:

  • Converting an idea into a sketch
  • Conversion of this sketch to real life 3D product
  • Editing/ modification of these 3D products
  • Assembling various models to create an assembly of product
  • Checking the product design for its actual working (validation)
  • Creation of 2D manufacturing drawings
  • Presentation of the models for better visualization
  • Generation of Product level crucial information

Also industry demand is varying day-by-day in terms of technical capabilities of CAD software and we are accommodating the same in our courses.
We conduct various CAD Courses as listed below:


Dassault’s CATIA is a powerful 3D platform for designing. It is widely used in automotive segment. It is an all comprehensive CAD/CAM product. CATIA is well accepted by Automobile, Aerospace, Ship Building, Industrial Equipment industries worldwide.
CATIA Mechanical Engineering provides Optimizing Design to Manufacturing Digital prototyping, analysis, and simulation enable developers to virtually create mechanical products in their operating environment. It gives Mechanical Engineers key insights into quality and performance early in development. CATIA applications create 3D assemblies for a wide range of mechanical engineering processes, including cast and forged parts, plastic injection and other molding operations, composite part design and manufacturing, machined and sheet metal part design, advanced welding and fastening. Engineers can rely on CATIA to define the complete mechanical product, including functional tolerances and 3D annotations

We conduct training at our Office or at College’s Campus. Our Courses on Catia are

Catia Module-4 ( An Introductory level Course)

  • Catia Module-5 ( An Introductory level Course)
  • Basics of Part Modeling
  • Product Generation
  • Introduction to GSD
  • Drafting (2D Manufacturing drawing)

Catia Module-5 (An Advanced, Domain Specific Course)

  • BIW (Body-In-White) / Car Line Assembly
  • Heavy Engineering Segment
  • Material Handling Equipment Segment


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2. Autodesk Inventor

Autodesk Inventor is a 3D platform that offers mechanical design, documentation, and product simulation tools. It is a parametric CAD software which is widely been used in various mechanical industries Worldwide. Inventor can handle different Industry Standard Design & Detailing Process Flows. It also contains Standard libraries that can be used as pick & place tools. This application is widely used in Process Industry, Discrete Equipment Industry, Machine Tools and SPM Industry, Power industry, Heavy Engineering Industry and Material Handling Industry, Piping and Oil & Gas industry, to name a few.

Our course content covers all aspects of Inventor that are needed by an industry to work on Inventor proficiently. The course takes you through basics concepts of 3D CAD & CAE; and develops the theoretical background that can be converted into practical expertise. Training on Inventor includes:

Inventor Module- 6

  • Introduction to Inventor
  • Basics of Part Modeling
  • Assembly Creation
  • Fundamentals of Drafting (2D Manufacturing drawing)
  • Introduction to Industrial Detailing
  • Inventor Presentation
  • Inventor Studio Animation
  • Introduction to Basic Surfacing

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 3. Corporate Training

We have been conducting corporate training in customer’s premises based on particular topics required in their workflow. Training mainly includes: switching over from 2D to 3D platform, new technology implementation for CAD users. We conduct training for automation of design process also.

Typically a Corporate Training consists of Customized Training contents to suit a company’s specific requirement. The requirement can be in terms of moving the platform from 2D to 3D, or within a platform increasing the Productivity or adding some more skills to the resources.

Benefits to the corporate company are:

  • Specific topic coverage
  • Skill enhancement
  • Concept building
  • Productivity improvement
  • Time flexibility
  • Assignments based on the company’s work
  • Location advantage
  • Cohesive group (from the same industry and company); so learning can be faster
  • Measurable output

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