Total Security Solutions are offered from the maker of the most popular Quick Heal Anti-virus software. Enterprise Security Solutions have most advanced End Point Security. They are also available with DLP (Data Loss Prevention) as an additional pack. This solution is very useful for the organization having multiple computers & devices & dealing with crucial & large data. Seqrite Solution helps you to arrange the data systematically. It helps to protect the intellectual property and confidential Files from getting out of your control. You can monitor every activity through single computer and can get notified about malicious activity and stop the same before it get executed.


Seqrite Product Details

  • Seqrite EPS (End Point Security):- End Point Security is categorized into two options. They are as following:-


  1.   End Point Security Total Edition:-

Endpoint Security Total is designed to facilitate world-class protection for every system within your enterprise with advanced features such as application control, file activity monitor and more. With this suite you can monitor and safeguard each endpoint while boosting its fine-tuned business impact.

   2.  End Point Security Business Edition:-

Endpoint Security Business provides advanced and easily deployable protection for business enterprises. This unified suite is designed to safeguard endpoints on all platforms without compromising high-level performance.

  • Seqrite Data Loss Prevention:-

An increasing volume of business information assets are distributed digitally today. Organizations simultaneously have to accelerate business processes. Combined with BYOD policies and cloud-based storage services, the ever-growing risk of data leakage has pervaded IT policy makers and CSO’s of enterprises of all sizes.

Seqrite DLP enables enterprises to combat data leakage threats by regulating data transfer channels such as removable drives, network shares, web-based apps & online services, print screen and the system clipboard. DLP also provides the ability to monitor sensitive data based on its nature and type. With this protocol, enterprises can monitor Office files, graphic files, programming files, confidential data, and implement customized user-defined dictionaries for data monitoring.

  • Seqrite Mobile Device Management(MDM):-

Mobile Device Management allows enterprises to grant their employees the privilege of mobile productivity without boundaries. With the ability to secure the mobile workspace, MDM is a precursor for all enterprises.

  • Seqrite Cloud:-

Seqrite Cloud is an integrated solution that allows the management and regulation of multiple Endpoint Security and TERMINATOR products deployed at different geographical locations. IT administrators from any location can easily connect to the cloud to view the latest security status, configure product policies, receive notifications and rectify critical network events from one single dashboard. It also facilitates policy configuration, backup and more on the cloud for Seqrite products.

  • Seqrite Terminator:

A one-stop solution for all enterprise security needs. With the UTM appliance as your first line of defense, your network is secure and your employees can focus solely on productivity and business impact.

  • Seqrite Server Security:-

A solution that is built with large corporate servers in mind, this product offers robust antivirus security and exceptional speeds. It is easy to install on complex server networks and enhances resource optimization.

  • Seqrite Server Security for Linux:-

This comprehensive antivirus solution is designed to simplify security configurations and synchronize control on Linux networks across all levels of the organization.