About KadKomp Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Kadkomp Systems is established in 1989 and has an experience in the field of CAD/CAM and Computers in general for last two & half decades. Our key strength is providing Solutions to our Customers in the High-Tech area of Design, Analysis, Documentation, Information Processing. The solutions are an appropriate combination of Hardware Solutions, Software Solutions, Services, and Consultancy. At the back bone of our Delivery are our People with their skills, experiences and attitude to serve the King- Our Customer. With changing times processes and technologies have gone tremendous development. Our team has always remained alert to sniff the change, and adapted the newer technologies and trends. This is the reason why we have maintained acquired Customers from early start-up days till date.

Our Customers comprises of individuals, professional, government organizations, Educational Institutes, Small-Medium Enterprises as well as Large and Multi-National Corporate houses.

The Product and Services portfolio kept on changing from technology point of view over the period of time. But the core remains the same. Understand Customer Requirements, Pain Areas, Critical processes and then align the right Hardware, Software, & Service Combination to them at right cost. Kadkomp has tied with several multinational Vendor Companies to procure the Hardware, Software & International trends. Kadkomp, thus has created a long lasting Partnership with Customers and Suppliers on the foundation Trust over the years. We are celebrating the Silver Jubilee of this Trusted Partnership…

Our Logo Describes:about_us_logo
The slender & elegant Kadkomp logo is elongated and broad at both ends. The elongated style reflects our attitude of stretching ourselves to the fullest capabilities and always aiming higher.

The slenderness comes out of the flexibility in our approach towards business. The upper broad ends manifest our intensions for enhanced deliveries to our customers while the lower ones show that we are deeply rooted.

The first portion of the name ‘Kad’ is our acronym for CAD – CAM, the industry we are in. The later part ‘ Komp ‘ depicts computers and the high – tech ICT industry as a whole.

The spelling of logo ‘ K ‘ is to avoid generic names in the acronyms. The replacement of ‘a’ with ‘α’ depicts our commitment to ourselves to strive to be the first and top performer always.

All small letters in the logo is the symbol of new age. This elegant logo has been our Inspiration all the time.

The punch line:
Trusted Partnership is in our DNA. We partner with our customers and associates, overcoming the traditional approach of client- vendor relationship. Our Delivery model spells out partnership with our customers.

We strive to strengthen this partnership and win trust from both customers & associates.

Our Vision: 
Our vision is to achieve place in first 10 Indian Engineering Services &Software Product organizations and generate Kadkomp as a global brand.

Our Mission: 
Our mission is to deliver Engineering Services and Software Product on time at a competitive price to our customers world-wide while enjoying what we do. We, at Kadkomp drive our activities on solid foundation of QICI philosophy, which is based on Quality, Innovation, Commitment& Integrity.

We believe that “Quality is a journey and not a destination”. It is an ongoing process that keeps getting refined over a period of time.

Innovation going beyond technology:
Our domain and technological expertise ensures that we go beyond the deliverables thereby adding values to them. We shall strive to achieve this by referring to case studies of past projects, and following the best practices.

Customer commitments are about the predictable deliverables and the timelines for first time and all the time.

Integrity is sacrosanct to us. Our Integrity promises information confidentiality and security by following security policies and implementing the same strongly.